Next generation piggy banks.

GoSave are digital piggy banks that make saving and chores fun. Delivering Q1 2019.



a smarter way to

teach k

As we move to a cashless society teaching kids about money is harder than ever.
Our goal was to design fun, interactive digital piggy banks that kids love.

meet our first three characters 
Astro the Astronaut

Astro the Astronaut is our first character and like a first born child is naturally the favorite.

Uma the Unicorn

We wanted to call Uma, Uber (or Travis) but our attorneys didn't think it was a good idea.

Penny the Pig

Penny the pig is smart, cute and out to prove other piggy banks are so 15th century.

Pay Allowances

set regular or one off.

Send Chores

assign and reward.

No Cash Required

pay kids from your app.

FDIC Insured

insured savings accounts.

Manage each child's account.

The GoSave app let's you send allowances, assign chores, and approve spending all from your smartphone. These actions appear on each kid's toy, along with a live bank balance so they can watch their savings grow.

Funded on KickStarter

GoSave was successfully funded on KickStarter in June 2018 with the goal to delivering first units in October this year. Due to demand we'll also be running an IndieGoGo campaign in the not too distant future. If you're interested please sign-up for the wait list and we'll let you know once that goes live!


USD  (Saving of $30 off $129 RRP)

  • Choose any character
  • Download free app 
  • Create an account  
  • Set up your profile
  • Start saving 
  • No ongoing fees

The fun is just getting started.

Our goal is to one-day potentially help millions of parents teach their child financial literacy from a young age. Whilst it's early days we're excited by the response so far from our backers and key partners.