Next generation piggy banks.

Teach kids how to save, earn and spend wisely. First 100 units shipped. Limited quantities available now.



a smarter way to 

teach kids how to save
meet our first three characters 
Astro the Astronaut (Launching 2020)

Astro the Astronaut is our first character and like a first born child is naturally the favorite.

Uma the Unicorn (Launching 2020)

Uma is a loveable Unicorn, and unlike most Unicorns this one will deliver to its investors.

Penny the Pig (Available now)

Penny the pig is smart, cute and out to prove other piggy banks are so 15th century.

Here's what you can do with GoSave.

GoSave pairs with a free app and lets you teach kids how to save, earn, work their way towards their goals and more.

Pay Allowances

set regular or one off.

Family Connections

allow grandparents to contribute.

Set Goals

help kids earn and learn.

Celebrate Milestones

birthdays, rewards and more.

Make Chores Fun

set up tasks and rewards.

Add Coins Too

each GoSaver holds coins.

Video Messages

send your kids fun updates.

Or Use Stars Instead

option to use stars for rewards.

The GoSave app

The GoSave app let's you send allowances, set goals, and create to lists all from your smartphone. These actions appear on each kid's toy, along with a live bank balance so they can watch their savings grow. Note at present no funds change hand in this application. It's a ledger for the bank of mum and dad.

Small amounts really add up.

As parents it's easy to forget to save for our kids but with GoSave's automated allowances, custom insights and gentle reminders you'll be saving more in no time.

Production underway.

GoSave was successfully funded on KickStarter in June 2018 and the first 100 units are now being beta tested by families around the world. If you'd like to receive one of the next 1000 individually numbered units you can reserve yours today!


USD. Free delivery in Australia, US and UK. Flat rate of $25 rest of world. 

  • Choose any character/s
  • Download free app 
  • Create an account  
  • Set up your profile
  • Start saving 
  • Empower your kids

The fun is just getting started.

Our goal is to one-day potentially help millions of parents teach their child financial literacy from a young age. Whilst it's early days we're excited by the response so far from our backers and key partners.

Proud to be a Techstars company.