The mission.

We believe kids learn more about saving and financial literacy when it's fun, interactive and tangible.

Why GoSave?

Teaching kids about saving and financial literacy is harder than ever. Even as adults we often have difficulty remembering to save with almost 62% of Americans having less than $1000 in savings and more than 21% don't save at all. While the reasons vary, one of the most common is simply forgetting. These stats combined with our own personal experience as parents motivated us to try and tackle this problem in a fun and novel way.

What the future holds.

Today we're just getting started but the long term vision is to turn GoSave into a the best savings and financial literacy platform for kids ever made. We've recently completed a successful KickStarter campaign and won our category at the VISA Everywhere Initiative 2018. Here are some of our guiding principles below.

Evidenced Based

There's a great deal of research around allowances, pocket money, chores and financial rewards. Our first key principle is to make sure that our product decisions reflect evolving best practices and is a positive experience.

Fun and Motivating

Our second key principle of the product is that it must be fun and motivating. Whilst outwardly it appears as an extrinsic motivator, we aim to cultivate intrinsic motivation by empowering kids to take responsibility.

Security Matters

When designing a product for parents and families, particularly around personal finance, security is absolutely paramount. We're working with leading security and advisory firms to ensure we get this right. 

Meet the team.

We're a small team of designers, developers, engineers and parents all passionate about making sure GoSave is a great experience for parents and kids alike. 

Andrew Birt
Founder & CEO
Jason Ko
Founder & CTO
Dr. Katherine Griffith
Clinical Psychologist
Brad Grimshaw
Business Development
Ameer Haider
VP Engineering

Want to work together?

Whether you're a bank, insurer, creative agency, or educator we'd love to discuss how we can work together to improve children's financial literacy. Please hit the button below and we can start the conversation.